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Fire Sprinkler Installation

For a Fire Sprinkler system to operate properly and successfully deal with a fire, it must be correctly designed, installed and then maintained.

This should only be carried out by properly trained, qualified and experienced contractors.

HG Fire Systems is the quality fire sprinkler contractor you're looking for to install your Fire Sprinkler or Fire Suppression system!

If you are located near Houston Texas, our experienced team of project managers, designers and sprinkler fitters can meet your need!

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A little Fire Sprinkler History...

From 1852 to 1885, perforated pipe systems were used in textile mills throughout New England as a means of fire protection. However, they were not automatic systems, they did not turn on by themselves. Inventors first began experimenting with automatic sprinklers around 1860.
The first automatic sprinkler system was patented by Philip W. Pratt of Abington, MA, in 1872.

Henry S. Parmalee of New Haven, Connecticut is considered the inventor of the first practical automatic sprinkler head. Parmalee improved upon the Pratt patent and created a better sprinkler system. In 1874, he installed his fire sprinkler system into the piano factory that he owned.

Until the 1940s, sprinklers were installed almost exclusively for the protection of commercial buildings, whose owners were generally able to recoup their expenses with savings in insurance costs. Over the years, fire sprinklers have become mandatory safety equipment, and are required by building codes to be placed in hospitals, schools, hotels and other public buildings.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems: Nothing Protects Better

Every home or business needs working smoke alarms on each floor of the building. The sound of the smoke alarm warns you there is fire and gives you extra time to follow your escape plan.

That helps you get out safely.

A fire sprinkler system does more than warn you. If there is a fire, the sprinkler system turns on and sprays water on the flames. It keeps the fire small or puts it out. Having both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system is the best way to stay safe from a fire.

Fire sprinklers save lives and prevent injuries. They also keep the fire and smoke from ruining your property. Many people have seen fire sprinklers at work, in hotels and hospitals and schools. But many people don’t realize that they can have fire sprinklers installed in their homes too. Having fire sprinklers at home is very important. More than 80 percent of fire deaths happen at home.

Fire Sprinklers in Your Home

If you are making changes to your home, or planning to build a new home, talk to someone at your fire department or us here at HG Fire Systems about having a fire sprinkler system installed. If you are moving, ask your realtor or rental agent to show you homes that have fire sprinkler systems already installed.

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