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History of Fire Protection and Fire Sprinklers

A little Fire Sprinkler History...

When sprinklers were invented 140 years ago Insurers were quick to recognise their benefits and they encouraged the development of the emergent Industry - and still do to this day. However, their principle interest is in property protection, so the life safety aspect of fire sprinklers was largely ignored - until more recently.

In 1973 the America Burning report was published, which showed that over 75% of fire casualties occur in the home. Most of us presume people die in fires in public places or in industrial accidents, however every day people are injured, or worse, in fires. America Burning, amongst other things, suggested a residential fire sprinkler system.

All fires start small, so if they can be detected soon enough, and fought immediately, it takes surprisingly little water to control it. Allowed to grow unhindered, conditions can become un-survivable within as little as 2 minutes. Quick response is the key.

Without sprinklers, the first you might know about a fire is when a smoke alarm goes off, or someone spots the fire. The Fire Department is called and should be with you in 10 minutes or less - at least you hope! However fires can grow very rapidly - probably because of the amount of foam and plastics we use in our furnishings - so when the fire department arrives, the fire will have had some considerable time to really get a hold. What was a small fire will have become a major one.

Sadly, fires in the home account for over 60% of all building fires and over 75% of all casualties.

After decades of falling numbers, fatal casualties seem to have levelled off. At the same time the number of non-fatal casualties continues to grow, having increased by more than 50% in the last 10 years. Not to mention property damage!

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives!

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